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Acer has been a trending brand in providing computers and laptops from a long time. It has always brought latest technologies with their new launches such as Notebook, Chromebook under the Aspire series. While talking about technical issues, their laptops also are not free from faults. People do sometimes face several issues with them. In this article, we will inform you about the message, “Exiting Intel PXE Rom”.


Intel PXE is a server that is used to boot the system without a disk to provide an operating Image. This message appears during the system reboot. The message indicates that the list of BIOS Boot Device consists of an Ethernet port as a booting device. Acer service centre recommends you to remove all Ethernet ports from your device.

Follow these steps for Aspire A3-600

  • Restart your laptop in order to verify boot order set and resolve the issue related to booting and to.
  • During the Power-On-Self-Test (POST) when you see the Acer logo, Press F2 keyand enter into the page for BIOS Settings.
  • You will now have to Press the arrow button toward the right side and select Boot.
  • It will prompt you to Follow onscreen instructions by which you can set your device to IDEO
  • After allowing your system for IDEO settings you should Press F 10 button on your keyboard
  • And finally, Press Enter Key to save the settings and again restart the laptop
  • You can also use Acer Recovery Management as an alternative method to resolve the problem

We have provided two methods to deal with the problem, either of them will solve your trouble but if both of them fail and the message is still visible on your screen, then you should once contact our Acer repair centre in london and consult them about your distress, they will provide doable solutions for you.




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